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About Dobermans

Why are Dobermans Different?

America vs Europe, Should the Breed be Split?

Building a Better Relationship with Your Dog

Judging and Defining Temperament in the Modern Doberman Pinscher

Responsible Dog Ownership



Canine Vaccine Survey

The Vaccination Conundrum

Vaccinations, How they Work, When they Work

Vaccination Protocol for Dogs

Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs



The Schutzhund Dog

The Total Doberman


Feature Cara Dogs

Rotkäppchen v.d. Cara

Tribute to Alida


All about Puppies

A Social Faux Pas: Kids, Puppies, and Dominance

Creating a Strong Bond with Your Puppy

A Novice Looks at Puppy Aptitude Testing

Ear Care

Feeding your Cara Puppy

How to Housebreak Your Puppy

Super Dogs are Made, Not Born

The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
More on the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test here
We'd like to thank Jack & Wendy Volhard for their article

Your Puppy's Daily Schedule





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