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Brief Background of the Doberman Pinscher

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Why are Dobermans Different?

Ray Carlisle and Clemens

As the only breed of dog specifically developed as a personal protection dog, the Doberman is unique in the dog world. It is a beautiful, high energy, highly intelligent dog that thrives on its relationship with its human family and that one special person in its life, the one that trains and works with it every day. A Doberman lives to be with its master, and will protect you with its life.

There is nothing extra on a Doberman that can be grabbed by an attacker (no loose skin or flews, no long tail, hair or ears). They are wonderful family dogs, devoted to the members of their "pack" and not happy working for just any stranger. The partnership you develop with your Doberman will be there for life, strong and unshakable.

Dobermans are incredibly "tuned in" to their handlers. A good understanding of the dogs character and drives will make training quick and easy. Dobermans require fair treatment and will reward you with a spirited attitude and strong desire to please. They are often described as the dog with the human brain!

This is a versatile breed, excelling at many disciplines: conformation events, search & rescue, police K-9, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, obedience, drug detection, personal protection, tracking, therapy work, seeing eye work, etc. When you have a well trained Doberman, you have a dog that is a benefit to you personally as well as to society—a dependable, noble, watchful, fearless and loyal companion who is ready, willing and able to work WITH you to get the job done.





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