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The Total DobermanClemens Jumping

The Doberman was originally developed as a guard dog—the only dog bred specifically to protect man. In the breed's origin and development, Herr Dobermann concentrated on the character of the dog more than conformation. The Doberman's reputation for strength of character became widely known. Otto Goller continued to develop the breed and founded the National Dobermann Club in Germany. The Doberman has always been admired for its character, its intelligence, its trainability and its desire to please. Fortunately for the doberman of today, those traits of high intelligence and desire to please (high trainability), along with a square, sleek, well muscled body, make the doberman one of the most versatile working breeds. They excel in conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, schutzhund, ring sport, tracking, search and rescue, guiding the blind, therapy, and seizure alert. Dobermans have been used for hunting and have even attained herding titles.

My breeding program is based on the creation of the TOTAL Doberman--sound in mind and body, with ability and eagerness to please. Cara Dobermans are happy to work with the owner, performing the task at hand. Above all, they are loyal, affectionate, family guardians. My goal, in creating this web site, is to share and exchange knowledge of the breed with others. To demonstrate by example that the Total Doberman is very much alive and well at Cara. I strongly believe in preserving and protecting the working heritage of the Doberman Pinscher.

While the CARA breeding program actually began in the early 1960's, I revised the program in 1985 with the acquisition of my foundation bitch VDH+D Ch, BdSg+DV Sg Alida v Flandrischen Lowen, SchH 3, FH, ADPr, ZTP V1A. Purchased in order to improve the health and mentality of our Dobermans, Alida quickly became the cornerstone of the CARA breeding program.

I took Alida, the best Europe had, (1985 DV Bundessieger) and bred her to the top U.S. doberman of the time, Ch Electra's The Wind Walker. This blending of quality worked so well, Alida was bred next to Wind Walker's typey son, Ch Akela's the Vindicator. This blending of pedigrees has resulted in a very strong base of dogs for the CARA line…Dobermans that are "Bred to Breed On." Only titled and health tested Dobermans that have proven themselves in various disciplines are used to expand Cara's breeding program.

Every dog in the CARA breeding program is tested for all known health defects. This includes OFA for hips, CERF eyes, vWD testing, thyroid testing, and cardiac ultrasounds, etc. Careful research is done to reduce health defects. We expect our dogs to live a long and happy life.

A hallmark of the doberman breed is its versatility. Physically, the CARA line is robust and square with good bone & substance; elegant and balanced. Beyond structural beauty and soundness, this line is mentally superior--with high drives, high energy level, and excellent working abilities. CARA Dobermans are titled and certified in obedience, agility, schutzhund, police work, therapy work, search and rescue, conformation--almost every working discipline.





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